Charlotte Ashton, Latest In Beauty

“I’m addicted to having perfect nails…”

STYLondon Gel Nail Wraps – selected by Latest In Beauty to be included within their You Beauty Discovery box as one of the products within their “Best of British” categories.

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I’m addicted to having perfect nails, and gels or shellac are usually what I go for but it can become an expensive obsession. That’s why this month I’m giving STYLondon’s new gel nail wraps a go. The quality seems to be good but just make sure you handle with care as the nails are delicate to put on. The best thing about these nail wraps is that there’s no drying time or smudging to worry about so they are much, much quicker than polish. If the nail doesn’t fit exactly, or is a little long, a cute mini file is included to help you shape and carefully smooth the edge. The-two tones effect is pretty cool too.

Product: Instant Gel Nail Wraps in Two Phased Red

The latest patented technology in nail wraps, designed to give you a gel nail finish wherever you are. Just peel and stick these easy to apply nail wraps and you’re good to go. As well as being extremely easy to use they are also non-toxic so they won’t do you, or your nails, any harm. We love this classic coral and red combination, it will certainly add style instantly and is suitable for any occasion.

How To:

Preparation: Clean your nails (with polish remover) and make sure they are oil free. Shape the nail edges, buff the surface gently, and then dust off.

Application: Choose the gel nail wrap sticker – it should be slightly smaller than your natural nail, leave 0.5mm space between the cuticles and the sticker.
Press stickers firmly to nail for a few seconds, making sure all sides are sealed.
Wait a moment and let the sticker settle, then cut off excess with nail scissors along your natural nail tip.
Smooth the edge carefully with the nail file to finish.
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