STYLondon At BeautyCon London


STYLondon was exhibiting at the inaugural BeautyCon London exhibition, the place for brands like ours and influencers and creators active in the digital world can come together.
We had an amazing time and cant wait for the next show in Dubai. Our team set up a wonderful stand and displayed our metallic tattoos, nail wraps and press on nails.

In an attempt to encourage creativity, we had all the various designs from our metallic tattoo collection out for people to come along and create whatever design they wanted, our team would help applying these as well. Needless to say it went down a storm and we had about 250 people throughout the day come and give it a try. Each time someone applied a tattoo we encouraged them to Instagram it and tag #stylondon

Check out #stylondon on instagram to see all the beautiful designs people came up with!

Link to BeautyCon London: BeautyCon London